SHANDONG MANKIND CULTURAL AND LEISURE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED / 山东开门文化旅游发展有限公司 is our Active / Managing Partner in Jining, China.

Their main business focus is in Digital Technology, Cultural Communications and Creative Software Development for :

  • IP Park Management Services
  • Engineering Management Services
  • Information Consulting Services (not including licensing information consulting services)
  • Computer Software and Hardware
  • Auxiliary Equipment Retail
  • Technical Services – Technology Development, Technical Consulting, Technical Exchanges, Technology Transfer and Technology Promotion


SHANDONG MANKIND CULTURAL AND LEISURE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED / 山东开门文化旅游发展有限公司 will participate in Tencent’s Digital Industry Park based on Tencent’s online ecosystem. It gathers various regional resources in the Tencent ecosystem to establish an offline digital content industry demonstration base and introduces Tencent professional IP resources to provide regional C-end users with pan-entertainment and immersive interactive entertainment. Consumption, by importing traffic to train, upgrade, and share regional B-end users, expand the symbiosis and service capabilities of Tencent’s ecosystem, and provide more systematic and in-depth professional empowerment services for regional industries by providing 1,800 industrial digital solutions, and boost Digital upgrading of industries, building smart cities, and enhancing the government’s social service and governance capabilities.