the. WHAT.

we. make. magic.

– Maya Angelou –

MANKIND FILMS | 马来西亚开门影视文旅产业投资有限公司 was founded by Award Winning Film Director and Producer with over 40 years experience, Dr MOHAMAD ALIFF NAJMI ~ 莫海沫.阿里 @ 白文光 | PAK MUN KWONG | MK PAK DHUM(hc) and MS CHERYLENE LEE, who has more then 30 years experience as Executive Producer and Marketing Producer in the Media, Broadcasting & TV Advertising industry.

CREATIVE PEOPLE are our core asset – the imagination to “cook-up” original ideas that value-add for our clients. A bunch of highly curious and passionate people, we are dedicated to generate potential ideas and concepts that make a positive difference for all our projects.

CREATIVITY is a unique & valuable talent that cannot be easily taught out of a textbook. It is an intellectual resource that put ideas to work, which creates new possibilities.

  • Creativity Brings New Solutions – creative thinkers can think outside the box and suggest better solutions
  • Creative People Find New Opportunities – creative people always seek new opportunities to grow by being proactive in exploring other opportunities
  • Creative Thinkers Ask Questions – creative people think from different perspectives
  • Creative People Have A Broader Outlook And Approach – two creative thinkers will react differently to the same situation, therefore different approaches will bring new solutions
  • Creativity Ushers Enthusiasm – creative people respond well to change, they have the enthusiasm to take up new challenges and explore different opportunities

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