the. WHAT.

we. make. magic.

– Maya Angelou –

MANKIND FILMS was founded by Award Winning Film Director and Producer with over 30 years experience, Dr MK PAK DHUM(hc) and MS CHERYLENE LEE, who has more then 20 years experience as Executive Producer and Marketing Producer in the Media, Broadcasting & TV Advertising industry.

CREATIVE PEOPLE are our core asset – the imagination to “cook-up” original ideas that value-add for our clients. A bunch of highly curious and passionate people, we are dedicated to generate potential ideas and concepts that make a positive difference for all our projects.

CREATIVITY is a unique & valuable talent that cannot be easily taught out of a textbook. It is an intellectual resource that put ideas to work, which creates new possibilities.

  • Creativity Brings New Solutions – creative thinkers can think outside the box and suggest better solutions
  • Creative People Find New Opportunities – creative people always seek new opportunities to grow by being proactive in exploring other opportunities
  • Creative Thinkers Ask Questions – creative people think from different perspectives
  • Creative People Have A Broader Outlook And Approach – two creative thinkers will react differently to the same situation, therefore different approaches will bring new solutions
  • Creativity Ushers Enthusiasm – creative people respond well to change, they have the enthusiasm to take up new challenges and explore different opportunities

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