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We have Administration offices in Tianjin, China and Jakarta, Indonesia (coming soon). We are working with production & media affiliates / strategic partners in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai, Dubai, Manila and our green-screen sound-proofed Shooting Studio c/w post-production & audio post-production facilities in Puchong, Selangor.

A dynamic regional player with strong network of experienced professionals in the media & production industry in China, Malaysia etc..etc – motion picture, media & broadcasting, TV & online channels and a specialist in turn-key solutions integrations for design & build broadcasting shoot studios, audio & video post set-up.

We are committed to uphold a professional creative environment, supporting talented personnel in creating high-quality films, intellectual property content with commercial strengths.

Expressing our charitable spirit to the betterment of our community, not forgetting to support and nurture the storytellers of tomorrow.

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