the. WHERE.


We have Administration offices in Tianjin, China and Jakarta, Indonesia (coming soon). We are working with production & media affiliates / strategic partners in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai, Dubai, Manila and our green-screen sound-proofed Shooting Studio c/w post-production & audio post-production facilities in Puchong, Selangor.

A dynamic regional player with strong network of experienced professionals in the media & production industry in China, Malaysia etc..etc – motion picture, media & broadcasting, TV & online channels and a specialist in turn-key solutions integrations for design & build broadcasting shoot studios, audio & video post set-up.

We are committed to uphold a professional creative environment, supporting talented personnel in creating high-quality films, intellectual property content with commercial strengths.

Expressing our charitable spirit to the betterment of our community, not forgetting to support and nurture the storytellers of tomorrow.

the. HOW.


Our aim is to build a dynamic platform with alliance of experience creative and professionals in the film & TV industry from different countries. This team of experts was carefully put together by a mastermind, very much like how a maestro would piece different arrangements to create a powerful symphony. This alliance creates the perfect regional network of experienced professionals from related industries with strengths and fortes.

  • Creative Ideas & Concept
  • Feature Films / Movie For TV & Online – Production / Distribution / Advertising & Promotions / Marketing & Sales
  • VFX / CGI Supervision
  • Live Action Stunt / Live VFX
  • Script / Content Creation
  • VFX / CGI / Motion Capture / Post Production
  • Character Creation / Concept Art / Animation
  • TV Programs – Dramas, Magazine Programs, Talk Shows, Reality Shows, Documentaries
  • TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Sales Videos, Training Videos
  • Hands-on Training on Production, Post-Production, VFX, Graphics, Design
  • Representation of Foreign Film Directors & Director Of Photography
  • Turnkey Interior Design / Solutions Integration for Design & Build of TV sound proof studio, edit suites, audio suites, production lights, camera and the works
  • End-to-End Workflow Solutions

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