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Our aim is to build a dynamic platform with alliance of experience creative and professionals in the film & TV industry from different countries. This team of experts was carefully put together by a mastermind, very much like how a maestro would piece different arrangements to create a powerful symphony. This alliance creates the perfect regional network of experienced professionals from related industries with strengths and fortes.

  • Creative Ideas & Concept
  • Feature Films / Movie For TV & Online – Production / Distribution / Advertising & Promotions / Marketing & Sales
  • VFX / CGI Supervision
  • Live Action Stunt / Live VFX
  • Script / Content Creation
  • VFX / CGI / Motion Capture / Post Production
  • Character Creation / Concept Art / Animation
  • TV Programs – Dramas, Magazine Programs, Talk Shows, Reality Shows, Documentaries
  • TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Sales Videos, Training Videos
  • Hands-on Training on Production, Post-Production, VFX, Graphics, Design
  • Representation of Foreign Film Directors & Director Of Photography
  • Turnkey Interior Design / Solutions Integration for Design & Build of TV sound proof studio, edit suites, audio suites, production lights, camera and the works
  • End-to-End Workflow Solutions

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